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Software Design

Thanks to the experience we gained through years of presence in different industrial automation sectors, we fully understand how much time automatic machine builders spend to customize their application. Starting from this point of view, our engineers realized by means of The Clever Drive domain software technology, firmwares for intelligent devices with ready-to use advanced motion modules; software tools for fast drives monitoring and setup Windows OS development environments for easy and immediate programming of our devices and subsequent application installation and testing.

Firmwares with f4d2 Servostep Technology

The patented innovative algorithms for motor control used in the firmware of Ever Elettronica devices ensure a fast execution of the real-time calculations for the phase current regulation and the motion path tracking by means of CAMs and interpolation. In this way are obtained a perfect regulation of motors with a high number of poles, a maximum torque value at any speed, a silent and smooth rotation without resonances and a precise speed and position control in open and closed loop. Thanks to these firmwares, characterized by the f4d2 Servostep technology, it has been made possible to integrate the advanced motion module, by means of which our electronics can be configured easily for any sort of control: from simple step & dir control to analogue references control, and from fieldbus control to integrated electronic CAM management control. The closed loop control of torque-speed-position is reached by transforming the applied motor into a real servomotor. There are also different firmware versions integrating many advanced motion module versions specifically designed for the quick and simple realization of most common types of industrial automation applications.

Software monitoring tools for drives setup

An easy to use software interface has been developed, by means of which all necessary parameters for the installation of our intelligent drives can be set. This interface also gives a complete diagnosis of the major operating parameters of the drive.

The development environments: Atomic, eePLC and TR.I.P.O.S.GW

Ever Elettronica offer a wide range of solution packages which generally cover the major client needs and provide a solid basis for machines customization or development. The customization possibilities of our solutions have no limits. Our systems are completely programmable by means of easy programming environments for MS Windows OS. Atomic and eePLC are the programming environments for our SDM SD Enhanced drives, including the SM2A servomotors and the SW1 SlimLine series. General characteristics of both environments are the easiness and velocity of use thanks to the wizard, the setting of all PLC functions, the hardware resources with which the intelligent drives are equipped and the powerful application debugging tools.
Instead, TR.I.P.O.S.GW is the programming environment for the GWC unit, an axles control device fulfilling the functions of fieldbusses gateway and PLC. The programming with this environment is done in accordance with the IEC1131 standard and there are already available many ready-to-use “general purpose” applications.




A competent and prepared team

Ever Elettronica have mechatronic engineers at their disposal to support the client in finding a quick and easy solution for its automation problems. In order to make life easy for manufacturers who must minimize the time and troubles in the early stages of creation and development of new applications, we offer them two alternatives to draw experience from cooperation with our engineers:
- by submitting the machine specifications to our mechatronic department to define, develop and test the new application;
- by transferring and forming their knowledge by themselves step by step supported by Ever Elettronica engineers, in order to develop the new solution.

For any request just fill in this form indicating all mechanic and electronic parameters and other necessary specifications.

Stand-alone and multi-axles systems

Ever Elettronica have been able for a long time to integrate with their firmware and software for the programmable systems the functions of PLC, Advanced Motion Module and Drive in one single device. With the programming environments it’s also possible to customize the application and to access all device functions and resources, and to manage and synchronize the Motion Module with the resources of other devices for every process event. In this way it’s much easier and cheaper to automate small applications with one single device that, by working in “Stand Alone” mode, fulfils all control needs of the machine.

This architecture with embedded intelligence is also important in cases of multi-axles machines, to have a more flexible and versatile control of every single actuator. Additionally, for a fast control of the machine functions it’s possible to connect a HMI touch screen interface.

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