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Our production and testing departments

Ever Elettronica design, assemble, test and pack the products in fully equipped workstations with control systems at every stage of the process to maximize the quality, performance and efficiency.

The fully automated assembly lines for electronic components are provided of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). By means of this method multiple components can be installed within a smaller space with shorter signal paths in order to achieve a major reduction of the dimensions, higher island isolation efficiency and fewer disturbances in terms of improved performances and a major reduction of heating and energy consumption.

Quality testing at every production stage

Quality monitoring at every stage of the production process is done by precise, pre-defined procedures, designed for every single product.

Each produced board is tested component by component and then certified on base of its testing report, which contains all important measurements.


The produced and tested boards, assembled into their cabinets, are then carefully and individually packed with high reliable materials.


Reparto di produzione

Mass production and customized production

The volumes management in our warehouses of ready-to-use products enable a prompt delivery to improve the customer requirements regarding the supply of standard products.

Moreover, thanks to their hardware and software engineering departments, Ever Elettronica are able to customize their solutions on base of each client request, until the production of a complete control system and its electrical switchboard.


The interfacing system between the hardware, software and production departments ensures that new client projects can be carried out quickly and that “ready-to-use turnkey” systems of state of the art quality can be realized, completed with every detail.

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