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Hardware design

The decades-long experience in producing drives has been expressed during the years with the introduction of leading hardware design solutions: the introduction of DSPC and the ‘Full Digital’ motor control technologies, integration of ‘fieldbus’ communication systems, adoption of advanced motor driving circuitry, etc…
These revolutionary technologies have resulted into devices offering an always increasing level of performances, compactness, intelligence, versatility and easiness of use.

The best software for hardware design

The engineers of our hardware design departments have Electronic CAD tools and applications at their disposal for research, development and testing of new motor control technologies and for a fast realization of new products adjusted to achieve the best performances and quality / price ratio depending on the client requirements.

Example multi-axles system

The hardware systems, drives and motors are equipped with local intelligence which optimizes the performances. They can be used for autonomous motion control or they can be directly controlled by a master system to communicate with other devices and for the real-time diagnostic monitoring of the functioning status.



Security, reliability and energy saving

All Ever Elettronica products offer the following advanced security functions: integrated watch dog function, LED signalling of the working status, faults monitoring and management, error buffering and management, optoisolated inputs and outputs with PNP or NPN connection, circuits with a high protection degree of isolation, integrated protections, high reliable connectors for a safe and fast installation, etc... These and other features have clearly been present in our design solutions for many years already, and are not just offering a higher user safety, but also a high reliability level. The used components are selected on base of their performing features and high quality / price ratio.

Generally, the drive systems and electric motors belong to the group of devices with significant energy consumption. The problem of energy saving is the vital need of modern society and the use of systems, technology, materials and components reducing the energy consumption and increasing the efficiency, and which at the same time must also offer advantages in terms of improved performances.

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