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Stepper motors

Ever Elettronica offer a wide range of high qualitative and high performance brushless motors with a high number of poles, generally known as stepper motors, suitable for all types of use and fully compatible with their drives range.

The advantages of using these motors in automation applications are: a better torque supply, more accurate positioning thanks to the absence of classical oscillations which are typical for brushless motors with a low number of poles, major stability, fewer vibrations and a long service life. Another advantage of using stepper motors is that they can be used in 'direct drive' mode in the application without the need for gear boxes to reduce the speed.


The following stepper motor models can be distinguished:

hybrid 2/4 phase
hybrid 2/4 phase High Efficiency
hybrid 2/4 phase with gearbox
hybrid 3-phase
permanent magnet
permanent magnet with gear

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